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Custom Stainless Steel Pallets

Please tell us about your stainless steel pallet project using the form below.

Not all stainless steel pallets have the same performance characteristics. Depending upon their specific use, we custom fabricate stainless steel pallets from particular alloys to offer various types of corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel pallets made of lower alloyed grades are corrosion-resistant in harsh water and atmospheric situations. Stainless steel pallets made of high alloyed grades resist corrosion in alkaline environments, when exposed to chlorine, and in the presence of most acids.

Moreover, stainless steel pallets are rust-resistant through the entire thickness of the material, not just on the surface like with hot-dipped galvanized steel pallets. If you know what grade stainless steel you want, please tell us below.

We look forward to helping you design your own stainless steel pallets!

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